– Antelope Walk celebrates its independents’ as the Walk becomes a hub of small businesses – 

This Saturday 2nd July sees Antelope Walk celebrate Independents’ Day as part of the national campaign to showcase and support independent retail businesses across the UK.  Independents account for around 65% of the approx 290,000 retail outlets in the UK and are the heart of local communities throughout the country.  The statistics within Antelope Walk are even higher than this, with over 90% of businesses here consisting of independents.  The Walk has become a hub for small businesses and independent retailers as the high street begins a new era post covid.  

Karen Hardwick, Owner of Cranbornes of Dorchester, Antelope Walk comments: “The special thing about small businesses is the essential role they play in local economies.  For every one pound that is spent with a small business, 63p remains within the local economy.  We have 3 bricks and mortar locations that employ 9 people, that’s 9 households being supported by our small business.  

During the lockdowns, everyone was so isolated, heading out to the shops, having a wander around and chatting to the owners of small businesses is an experience to be cherished and supported.  We’re so lucky to be surrounded by lovely small businesses here in Antelope Walk and we celebrate them all as we celebrate Independents’ Day.” 

Antelope Walk is now home to the following small businesses:  

Unit 5 – Cranbornes

Unit 6 – Mirari Lingerie 

Unit 8 – Robin James 

Unit 9 – Deli (coming soon)

Unit 10 – Flowerful. 

Unit 12 – CW Hats & Accessories 

Unit 13 – Isha Body Jewellery 

Unit 14 – SA Treasure Jewellery 

Unit 15 – Dorchester Podiatry & Wellbeing 

Unit 16 – Kooky Bloom 

Unit 17 – Joey’s Baby Food 

Unit 18 – NaturalLife 

Antelope Walk has undergone a huge transformation with repairs and maintenance on the historic buildings completed, and exterior redecoration of each individual unit with beautiful, muted Farrow & Ball tones.  Antelope Walk is now welcoming new tenants with only a few units now left to let. 

The Walk offers a quaint and charming shopping location with independent boutiques and food offerings, surrounded by the rich history of Dorset’s County town. 

Antelope Walk is a must-see for any prospective business or start-up looking for retail space.


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